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 Welcome to the 3rd Freedom Online Conference!

Welcome to the 3rd Freedom Online Conference!

Freedom Online Coalition: Chair's summary

Freedom Online Coalition: A Call To Governments From Civil Society


The Freedom Online Conference is a dialog forum that aims to deepen the discussions on how freedom of expression on the Internet is helping to promote social, cultural and economic development worldwide. This years conference is the 3rd one and will take place on June 17-18 in Tunis.

Hosting this year’s edition is an important step toward developing our efforts to ensure several human rights principles. This is a must especially after we had a revolution that freed us from censorship also as Tunisia and other countries in the region are looking forward to building a better internet governance model where we guarantee the online human rights principles.

Global Government representatives, Civil Society representatives, Netizens, Academia, Business and Technical community representatives, will discuss together the key concepts related to the actual situation of the online freedom of expression.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tunis!